Three days in Osaka: Day 3 – Nara Deer Park

After the day at Koya-san, all I really wanted to do was go to a park and walk around with deers…seriously! It might sound a little strange but visiting Okunoin made a lasting impression on me, I was in that state of mind where I wanted to embrace nature. I guess I was just feeling grateful.

Nara is popular day trip destination from Osaka – just take a JR train from Osaka to Nara Station and you’ll be there in 50 minutes. The park is another 5 minute walk from the station but I was actually amazed by the atmosphere of the town itself. It took me at least 30 minutes to get to the park because I was distracted by all the little antique shops on the way.

As you approach the park, you start seeing the deers, just roaming around minding their own business. And I’m not sure about what you do in your daily life but I am certainly not used to seeing deers, roaming around, minding their own business. Then when you see the little old ladies selling ‘osenbei’ or crackers to feed the deer for 100 yen, you think “Yes why not, the deers are so cute” ………..


DO NOT DO THIS (unless you’re a relative of Usain Bolt)!

My poor mother bought these crackers, and before she knew it the deers were surrounding her, nudging her, putting their nose in her bag…she fed them but with each cracker, the deer became greedier until she started running around throwing the crackers in the air saying “TAKE THEM!!!”….poor mum.

So my advice is wait until you get well inside the park before you feed the deer, they are much more polite. They even bowed to us before we gave them the food!

Nara deer park1