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Shibu Onsen – hot spring paradise

You know that feeling when you sink inch by inch into a steaming hot bath, when you pause momentarily to let your body adjust to the heat, then continue to submerge until you… Continue reading

Three days in Osaka: Day 3 – Nara Deer Park

After the day at Koya-san, all I really wanted to do was go to a park and walk around with deers…seriously! It might sound a little strange but visiting Okunoin made a lasting… Continue reading

The Simpsons pays tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

This is one of the greatest video clips I have ever seen in my life. If you are a lover of both The Simpsons and Hayao Miyazaki films, you will probably agree. In… Continue reading

Three days in Osaka: Day 2 – Koya-san

On my second day, I did a day trip to Koya-san, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Koya-san is a large religious city established by the priest Kukai who brought Shingon Mikkyo (esoteric Buddhism) from China… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

This is Rocco.  Rocco, a Japanese Akita Inu, wasn’t just a pet and he made that very clear. He liked to sleep on the bed, and when he did, he took up the… Continue reading

Gunkanjima – Abandoned Japanese Island

Hashima Island, also nicknamed Gunkanjima or ‘Battleship Island’, is one of the many uninhabited islands in Japan. It is an old coal mine facility and used to be inhabited by around 5000 workers and families from the 1880’s.… Continue reading

Wolf Children and a Meeting with Mamoru Hosoda

On Monday 15 April, Mamoru Hosoda, the director of anime movies The Girl who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars, made an appearance at a screening of his most recent movie Wolf Children in Newtown Dendy, Sydney.  I… Continue reading

The best thing about Friday night is…

coming home and making Natto omelette! Who agrees with me? Itadakimasu.

Teru Teru Bozu てるてる坊主

It was a rainy and overcast day in Sydney today. Hopefully this is not a sign that summer is slowly coming to an end… When it rains for long periods of time in… Continue reading

In my Great Aunt’s 下駄 Geta

While I was helping my 93 year old grandfather (jiji-san as I call him) to clean his tabacco shop which, I might add, he still works at to this day, I found these… Continue reading