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Shibu Onsen – hot spring paradise

You know that feeling when you sink inch by inch into a steaming hot bath, when you pause momentarily to let your body adjust to the heat, then continue to submerge until you… Continue reading

Three days in Osaka: Day 3 – Nara Deer Park

After the day at Koya-san, all I really wanted to do was go to a park and walk around with deers…seriously! It might sound a little strange but visiting Okunoin made a lasting… Continue reading

Three days in Osaka: Day 2 – Koya-san

On my second day, I did a day trip to¬†Koya-san, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Koya-san is a large religious city¬†established by the priest Kukai who brought Shingon Mikkyo (esoteric Buddhism) from China… Continue reading

Three Days in Osaka: Day 1 – Around Osaka/Umeda & America-town

I have just finished my short stay in Japan and am currently sitting on a Shinkansen which is gliding its way towards Narita Airport as my bum is kept warm (yes! All trains… Continue reading

Japalian is Back (with soba)!

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that I’m back to writing in Japalian again! I have been working on posts every weekend but never get enough time to actually… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in The Details

I guess what ‘Lost in the Details’ means to me is that sometimes we are so focussed on the bigger picture that we forget to notice the smaller and often more meaningful things… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Walking up the steps in the gardens of Himeji-jo

Japan in the Summer

Just going through some old photo’s from my Iphone 3G that I took in Japan in mid 2010. I especially love the photo of the green rice paddies and the blue sky which… Continue reading

Climbing the Tokyo Sky Tree

Just some shots of the never-ending metropolis that is Tokyo. Please excuse some of the photo’s – I’m still getting used to using my Canon 650D and I was experimenting between night mode… Continue reading

Tokyo Street, Pavilion – Kuala Lumpur

Just a quick update! I’m in Kuala Lumpur now and thoroughly enjoying it. There is so much history behind KL and Malaysia itself with all buildings having some sort of association with either… Continue reading