Climbing the Tokyo Sky Tree

Just some shots of the never-ending metropolis that is Tokyo. Please excuse some of the photo’s – I’m still getting used to using my Canon 650D and I was experimenting between night mode… Continue reading

Traditional Japanese Wedding Ceremonies

This is a beautiful story.  It is very rare these days for a Japanese couple to get married in a traditional Japanese ceremony. Many opt for the Western ceremony which I find really… Continue reading

Tokyo Street, Pavilion – Kuala Lumpur

Just a quick update! I’m in Kuala Lumpur now and thoroughly enjoying it. There is so much history behind KL and Malaysia itself with all buildings having some sort of association with either… Continue reading

Traveling to Singapore

So I am going travelling to Singapore and Malaysia for the next 10 days and this is the book I have chosen to take. I wish I could have taken Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84… Continue reading

Asahi Beer and Pizza

It was a beautiful summery night in Sydney – the perfect weather for a beer and pizza. Coincidentally, with the Asahi, this dinner turned out to be a delicious clash of my two backgrounds… Continue reading

Only in Japan

      Only in Japan… I was walking through Harajuku and saw a crowd with their phones out. I went to see what the commotion about and there was this dog wearing… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea

  After some inspiration from this macha green tea cake recipe, I decided to experiment with using macha powder in my own version. As I wanted to use up a lot of the left over… Continue reading

My Hometown

Buildings whose arms clamber over one another to reach the sky; the millions of people working day-after-day with 9pm being an “early” home time; the tourists scrambling over one another to take a… Continue reading

bills: Sydney-born Cafe in Harajuku

Bills is a pretty well-known cafe in trendy little Surry Hills and is most famous for their ricotta hot-cakes. Although I haven’t actually tried the Sydney cafe (being a student for the past… Continue reading